Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dark Alley Neko Club event timing poll

Hii there everybody :)

I need to share with you this small poll to know the best events timing that will fit you :) we would like you all to be able to participate & have fun in our upcoming events . as we are having gr8 plans for next week .. so stay tuned at the Dark Alley Neko group for further updates

>>> please vote for the best timing also you can leave us a comment ^^



Lucy said...

i think it will be better to be later after 12 , like on 3 .
people start login into second life & thats the reason why most clubs start at this time ..
and if you need another host or DJ please let me know ;)

SAM said...

no one is befor 9 around sl .. hahahahaha
the later the better

Katey said...

I always miss your club event cause its too early for me you make if for Europeans and not US citizens ???? hahahaha ... .hugggs

Shui said...


SarahNicoles said...

am a member in your club group since feb and i really miss you giving up free neko clothes and tail .etc :D
about the club event i see most people here agree with me to be after 12 slt .

good luck :)

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