Friday, July 17, 2009

Advertise & Promote your Products / service or business with us ..

Now Advertise with us and guarantee an effective ad with high Exposure and high traffic ..

We have replaced all the old ad boards around the mall with a new one which is so easy & very simple to use .

Unlike most commonly used ad boards around second life with its Complex procedures to upload and rename your note cards or textures in a special way to make it work .


- Advertising with us has never been easier and effective you just pay the ad board , hold down the control button and drag your contents in to it . Then touch the ad board again to start displaying your advertisements it only takes few seconds
Another advantage when you advertise with us is that our ad boards not only supports note cards or Land marks but also you can add Objects as gifts or freebies

lhilli neko ad board #3

Lhilli neko ad board #1

TP to the Lhilli Neko mall =^o~=

Friday, July 10, 2009

In Memory of the Greatest singer on Earth. Will always live forever in our hearts

Michael, thank you very much not only for the joy you gave with your music, but for the message to humanity! You are not unheard and you have touched and changed many minds and hearts! May you inspire many more people to help to make a better world! WE ARE THE WORLD! ...YOU NEVER WHERE ALONE!!!!!

truly a legent and forever will live in our hearts . R.I.P .. MJ 4EVER ..
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