Friday, January 29, 2010

New Stores at The Lhilli Neko -^.^-

Am gonna be doing a little review introducing the new store that had recently opened at the new extension - Lhilli Neko

1) NADAS . hot sexy women / Neko outfits , tops , skirts , pants and more .
Also you will find an awesome super wild free outfit right at the stores entrance
Click here to TP to NADAS @ Lhilli neko

2)TrendStyle . sexy hot neko outfits . good prices .


Click here to TP to TrendStyle @ Lhilli neko

3) Freaks R Us . Neko outfits / men & women , Skins and shapes , neko boots , neko tails and more

Click here to TP toFreaks R Us store @ Lhilli neko

5) L&S Cyber Catz . Neko outfits for women and men , neko tails and ears Cyberpunk Clothes and Accessories .

Click here to TP L&S Cyber CATz store @ Lhilli neko

6) ARTmagedon line . Best place to find Baggys rap , gangsta , rasta ,wild neko street wear for BOTH men and women .

Click here to TP to ARTmagedon line store @ Lhilli neko

7)[CDD] Creations / its got one of the most awesome Neko eyes ,wide rang of Men and Female clothes, as well as accessories.

Click here to TP to [CDD] Creations store @ Lhilli neko

8)Ironik Kitties / Neko, Urban, Punk, Women Clothes , Legwarmers and paw prints Accessories, Kitties , , Tails, Ears, Paws, piercings, skins

Click here to TP to Ironik Kitties store @ Lhilli neko

9) Pink Acid Clothing / Cute and sexy female Neko clothes .

Click here to TP to Pink Acid Boot at the Lhilli NEKO Mall


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Mall Extention - more Shops for rent

We Just opened this NEW Extension space and we added extra 18 stores which is now open for rent . 150 L$ / week ..

* NOW for a limited time - you can get One Free WEEK for each Tenant you introduce . which mean you rent for two weeks and you interduce two tenants and they rent you get 4 weeks in-total

CLICK Here to Teleport to Lhilli Neko mall Extention 2 ^^

CLICK Here to Teleport to Lhilli Neko mall Extention 2 ^^

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New year =^o^=

Wishing you All a Lovely awesome new year with lots of Love happiness , health and prosper ^^
Our plans for 2010 is, to make the Lhilli Neko mall one of the coolest neko malls and hung out place for all Nekos were they can shop and also experience lots of fun . A Great marketing and business place where you can shop and find the best offers and high quality products , we also would like to encourage new creators and designers introducing there creations to sell .
We started this mall back in sept.2008,it was a really small mall , we will continue to improve it and make it better learning from our experience and mistakes also we would like to ask feedback, which will help to move towards what helps you and improve things in the best possible way. Don't hesitate to say what you like or hate ;)

Am not in to much blah blahhh . thank you all for your support
Happy New Year everyone :)

The Hunt HUD

second life neko

An easy to use HUD for the lazy ass nekos :P

This HUD will help all our lazy kittens to Find there gifts easly around the mall , its very easy and simple to use just click , it will pop up the map with the location set - then Press TELEPORT . it will tp you in side the shop . take your time untill it rez and Find all that cute red Santa's

Dont be lazy keep looking around for More free stuff . up and down also we hide some Cash . around in golden coins . if you find just touch to get ;)
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