Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas & New Year Gifts Hunt =^o~=

Get down here at the Lhilli Neko mall ^^, Find all that cute red Santa's Stockings around the mall inside the shops , participant got that hunt logo in front of there stores to make easy to find also there is tons of free Christmas Gifts around ,
so get down here and get ur friend and have some fun around digging also check out that mindnight madnes vendors giving out free awesome Christmas neko tail with candy and paws poofers ..

The Christmas hunt is just getting started - everyday there is MORE gifts for you =^o^=


Stores that are Participating in this hunt event at the moment are :-

1 Sweet & Pop ( full perm hair and neko outfits )
2 L&S Cyber Catz Creation =^o~=
3 Trixxy's Shop
4 *.^ Feeb's ^.* both and shop
5 Wicked Tattoos
6 Arisaris. ( neko Clothesfor men/women )
7 Virus
8 =^.^= DaNeko =^.^=
9 ***Kitty Glitter

i will be updating there list . more stores to join

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Midnight madness- Free Christmas neko tail with candy and paws poofers .

Our Christmas hunt is just getting started , this is just a warming up *winks
we've added this gorgeous Free Christmas neko tail ( Meowws & sweets )with candy cane poofer and paws , you can find it in our Midnight Madness boards around the mall , just touch the board to get your gift ^^

Find that box right the landing point 1 it will tk you right to the tail location

*Lhilli Neko mall Landing point:-1

* Lhilli Neko mall Landing point 2 - click to TP

Friday, December 11, 2009

Get Ready for some Holidays & new year Action - Free Gifts - L$ - and lots more !

Wild n Rusty Neko tail Free free Edition .. -^.^-

I have to add this free edition of the Wild n Rusty tail to the picks reward system . Also people who already have their picks
will enter to a weekly draw for some cool gifts and soon i will be adding more and more gifts for Christmas and the New year . These gifts will be exclusives and only avaliable via the picks rewards , to get your gift simply add the Lhilli Neko to yoru picks within your profile (tp to Lhilli Neko mall Then click add withing the picks section of your profile.). After doing this make sure your profile is set to show in search via the preferences menu. then wait 48 hours, pop back to and collect your gift.

And MORE to come :P


Also check out this Awesome FREE Red ribbon neko tail and ears set at the = NEkOHOliC= Store , at the landing point you will find a box that will tp u right to the = NEkOHOliC = Store

^^Also this Free HOT belly button Ring ^^

To Teleport Directly to the = NEkOHOliC = Store Just touch that box at the Landing points *wink

here to TP to the Lhilli Neko
MALL __^O^__

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rebuilding the Dark alley neko club ^^

Neko H2o relaxing beach Project - coming soon !
Ultimate relaxing and chill beach exclusively for Nekos , for now its just water , hahahahah , but there will be more comming soon .

Dark Alley neko Club =^o~= and H2o Atrificial Freen Zone

NOT done yet and the Floor wont be green like that . Bwhahahahahah . its just for building proses - what we plan here is not just a shopping mall but a Cool hang out place to have fun and enjoy and party - and a home for all Nekos .. ppprruusssss^^

Rebuilding the Dark alley neko club ^^
today am working on the Club and the beach , hopefuly i will be done by today or tom and we can plan for the christmas event

* Ok having an Suggestion or ideas please feel free to contact me any time in world im me or if am AFK or offline just drop me a note card ^^ SAIRUS Aeon
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