Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Advertising and Promoteing your service or business insecond life

Advertise & Promote your Products / service or business with us ..
After reopening our ad board now is for only 50 L$ and 30 L$ depends on the location

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Lhilli neko mall remodeling is done ..!!

Recently we did some remodeling around the lhilli neko mall and the Dark alley neko club =^.~= giving it an awesome Glowing Cyber Look ,with more space for our stores adding more shops for more awesome creators and designers , also huge underground tunnel for the free zone , now you will be able to find tons and huge collections of free and cheap neko , cyber produts and every week we'll be adding something new .
The DARK alley neko club will also be opening very soon.
For updates and news about upcoming events stay tuned at our ( Dark Ally neko Club group )

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